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Everyone at is very proud to announe that Forest has graduated from Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy earning top honors and has been invited to speak on stage with Brian at his Total Business Mastery Seminar September 16th-18th, 2011 in San Diego. 

Forest traveled to San Diego in July of this year in order to attend Brian Tracy’s Speaking academy (more info) and it was there that Forest found his love for public speaking magnified by the entire team that Brian has put together. Forest strongly recommends Brian’s program to anyone thinking of a career in the field oranyone just looking to improve their confidence in front of a crowd.

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Forest Hamilton, entrepreneur and business coach, has recently signed a publishing deal with CelebrityPress, a leading business and marketing book publishing company, along with Brian Tracy and other leading business and marketing experts from around the world to release the book, Pushing To The Front.

The forthcoming book, Pushing To The Front, will feature top advice from leading entrepreneurs and marketing experts from across the globe. Pushing to the Front will offer proven business strategies to help people adapt and thrive in the new economy.

Pushing To The Front is tentatively scheduled for release in the Fall of 2011.

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Head on over to now to order the most delicious homemade fruit wines available, all with no added sulfites.

Almost everyone has someone in their family that they can remember with heartfelt gladness who made homemade wine. David Hamilton, better known to his mountain man fellows as “The Winer”, brings you several modern day homemade wines of wild-picked fruits that taste like the fruits, with no added sulfites. It only takes a sip to tell if our wine will be your wine…Enjoy with good friends. Best served chilled

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