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When Forest Hamilton was born into his father’s hands in a small house in the mountains of Washington, no one could have guessed the impact he would have on the world around him.

As Assistant Director of Universal Coin and Bullion, Ltd. in Beaumont, Texas, Hamilton has been awarded numerous honors for sales, teamwork, and customer service and has helped propel his organization from a five million dollar a year business into a multi-national, award winning, 60 million dollar a year industry leader.

His successes are all the more impressive due to the circumstances of his humble beginnings. Born in the rural town of Duvall, Washington, Hamilton came into the world with great fear and uncertainty when his father David Hamilton, a Vietnam veteran, was forced to unwrap the umbilical cord from around Forest’s neck during his son’s emergency delivery.

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Posted at 10:47am on Nov. 17, 2011